Eye On The Prize Travel Guide

Saturday ~ July 07, 2013 by admin

Poor planning can be a serious issue when it comes to taking a trip or planning your next vacation. Overlooking the opportunity to make the most out of your travel plans and arrangements can allow you to enjoy a much more pleasant trip or to take in a wider range of attractions and activities on your upcoming holiday. A travel guide that can provide you with all the information you need could prove to be an invaluable resource, one you would do well to make full use of when it comes to your next vacation or travel opportunity.

Guides continuar…

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101 Ways To See New Orleans From Your Home

Sunday ~ May 05, 2013 by admin

Anyone who has ever visited New Orleans will tell you that this is one place that everyone must visit to experience at least once in their life. From fine foods to the best in music, New Orleans has a little something to offer everyone who visits this town. Located in the heart of Louisiana, this is one place that is always worth the trip; however, if you must experience New Orleans, but lack the ability to continuar…

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The In’s and Out’s Of Canal Street

Monday ~ March 03, 2013 by admin

Canal Street is one of the main thoroughfares in New Orleans. It is home to the city’s business district and a wide variety of shops, restaurants and bars.

Canal Street ends at the Mississippi River. From this point, tourists can take the Canal Street Ferry to the Algiers Point neighborhood, which is located across the river.

If you’re heading to New Orleans for vacation, be sure to check out all that Canal Street has to offer. One Canal Place is home to over forty-five different high-end retailers and restaurants; including a continuar…

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Off Track: The Nomadic’s Travelers Blog

Friday ~ June 06, 2012 by admin

New Orleans has much to offer the modern nomad. Aside from its rich history, unique cultural heritage, and European vibe and architecture, one of New Orleans’ best qualities is its food. The fine cuisine of New Orleans is unique to the beautiful Mississippi Delta, home of the Cajun. You will not find most of these dishes anywhere but the Big Easy. So when you visit, do not forget to make sampling the different cuisines of Nola a top priority.

As far as burgers, fries, and a beer go, New Orleans might possibly have the best in continuar…

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New Orleans Outside the Box

Friday ~ January 01, 2012 by admin

Maybe your Saturdays are usually spent watching how to satellite tv programs and messing around in the yard. But what if you were to head to one of the US’s premiere historical cities? New Orleans has a lot to see and it’s not all crawfish and hurricane damage.
National WWII Museum: Have any idea this wonderland of war memorobelia was located right in the heart of New Orleans? It’s a great spot for any vet to visit and it’s interesting even if you weren’t around for the war. Don’t miss it.
Old New Orleans Rum Distillery: Ever wonder what it takes to make rum? Head to the distillery where you can see the whole process from beginning to end and even get a taste of what they’re making. Can’t beat this trip.
Garden District: Step outside the French Quarter and head to the Garden District where many of the cities grandest homes still sit occupied, preserved for the ages. They’ve all got beautifully manicured gardens and a lot of historic charm and best of all this activity is free!

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Family Fun Day: The New Orleans Way

Tuesday ~ January 01, 2012 by admin

New Orleans, Louisiana is becoming one of the most popular destinations to travel with children. Attractions are everywhere, and whether it is sunny or rainy you can always find something exciting for the whole family.

For a glorious day outside, visit the Audubon Zoo. Stroll through the African savanna and see the zebras, giraffes and monkeys having a fun time. You can witness many different animals at feeding time, such as gorillas, otters and black bears. The dinosaur adventure will give you a lesson on those prehistoric monsters. There is also an aquarium where you can feed the rays, visit the rain forest, and get close and personal with exotic birds.

If you encounter nasty weather, no problem. Head over to the Louisiana Children’s Museum. Let the kids go wild with hundreds of hands on exhibits and interactive fun that will keep them busy for hours. Role-playing, science, math and tons of fun all rolled into one.

Carousel Gardens Amusement Park is entertaining for the whole family. Ride the last antique carousel left in Louisiana. Let the kids ride the fantastic rides, and the adults can even join them on a few. Enter Storyland where all their favorite characters come to life.

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Upgrade Your Understanding Of The Big Easy

Monday ~ December 12, 2011 by admin

Whether it’s the mouthwatering Creole flare or the traditional French faade, New Orleans is serving up southern hospitality all day and all night. With activities suited for any crowd, The Big Easy is sure to please. Nestled along the Gulf of Mexico, this unique city is home to one of the largest ports in the United States. The port houses both commercial fishing vessels, including an exceptional number of shrimp vessels, as well as a cruise terminal.
Although several disasters, both natural and industrial, have plagued the city in recent years, industrial life is booming. Home to the most impressive maritime industry and oil production operations, the Big Easy also houses some of the top Fortune 500 companies ranging from travel to food to banking. Providing a perfect access point for international operations, it’s certainly not surprising that major technology and automotive businesses house facilities in New Orleans.
Perhaps most known for relaxing feel New Orleans is home to numerous festivals, celebrating both American and French culture. The French Quarter is home to traditional French accommodations and spectacular events. Unparalleled fresh food items, such as shrimp, are available at a host of local restaurants. For those who love an explosion of flavor and an array of spices that will make your mouth water, The Big Easy is the easy choice.

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More Than Just A Crescent City

Wednesday ~ December 12, 2011 by admin

If you are looking for a city that has a lot to offer, you need look no farther than beautiful Crescent City, California. They have a beautiful coastline, and it offers an idyllic spot to stop and enjoy some sun, or getting in the water to swim in the ocean, it’s a great place to visit for a vacation for you and your family.
In additions to their surf and sun, they have a municipal pool that includes an indoor water slide, and other features that are sure to be enjoyed by the whole family! If you are a traveler, you will be pleased to know that they have an RV and Trailer Park that is located on the coast, so you can enjoy a vacation with all the sun and surf that you can handle, without having to shell out the money for a hotel.
Crescent City is a small city with a big impact, they hold on to their small town mentality, and offered a hospitable and welcoming environment. With a population well under ten thousand, Crescent City is a wonderful scenic city where you can get authentic California experiences in a small town atmosphere on the coast.

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Travel Abroad The Big Easy Through Words.

Friday ~ November 11, 2011 by admin

Traveling abroad can be a magnificent experience. The major question is where do you want to travel to? One destination that should never be overlooked is New Orleans, also known as The Big Easy for its slow and easygoing lifestyle. New Orleans was founded in 1718 and since then has been influenced by Europe, Africa and the Caribbean; it is a true melting pot. The music, food and atmosphere are unforgettable. One of the unique characteristics about the city is that it is completely surrounded by water. It has overcome many hurricanes and natural disasters but still stands strong today.

New Orleans is known for its unique culture and there are many celebratory festivals. The most known festival is Mardi Gras where people travel far and wide to celebrate Fat Tuesday, the day before Catholic lent begins. Another great festival is the Jazz and Heritage Festival where the amazing music and how New Orleans became what it is today is celebrated.

The food is not to be forgotten with its amazing Creole and Cajun cousins to try. The local culinary specialists take advantage of all the seafood and other great local resources to come up with amazing dishes. Some of the famous dishes of New Orleans are Jambalaya, Crawfish Etouffe, Shrimp Creole and Grillades and Grits. The food is definitely not to be missed as the people here truly live to eat.

New Orleans is full of great art and sites to see. There are many different museums full of history and amazing visions of art. To name a few, The New Orleans Collections, Beauregara-Keys House and Garden and the Confederite Museum are a great start for museums to visit. There are endless possibilities of things to do and sites to see. New Orleans is an amazing City and is one that should be on everyone’s top of the list for places to go.

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The Evolution Of time: New Orleans

Monday ~ August 08, 2011 by admin

Today it is impossible to think about New Orleans without imagining Mardi Gras, but 150 years ago it was a celebration that no one outside of the city had ever heard of. Although it had existed for more than a century before this point, it did not have the popularity of today. But the celebration that the city prepared to welcome the Grand Duke Alex Romanoff Alexandrovitch put the city on the map. The parade and the ball were established for this celebration and have continuar…

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